What matters to you
The top priorities for our constituency, right now
As your UCP candidate in the upcoming provincial election, I want to work for you.
I certainly have my own ideas, and my own list of what I think matters most. However, in order to see the whole picture I need your input regarding what matters to you as a resident of Lac Ste Anne - Parkland.  Only by listening to you can I become a truly effective representative for our families and our communities.
As this campaign continues, I look forward to meeting you, listening to you, and earning your trust.
Here are some of the top concerns residents have already raised with me:


Not so long ago, our economy was strong. What happened? The steepest recession in a generation, compounded by the NDP’s ideological policy changes have left us unable to compete in the global marketplace. We are no longer capable of completing major infrastructure projects, and a rapidly changing regulatory regime has led to widespread uncertainty in the business sector.

At the provincial level, our UCP proposes to fix the systemic problems, de-bottleneck regulatory processes, reverse counterproductive legislation, and give the business and investment community the certainty that Alberta is “Open for Business” once again. 

We will also fight for common sense solutions from our federal government. This means taking real action to demand fairness for our province. In addition, we will work with our municipal partners to develop and promote responsible growth.



Our UCP’s first order of business will be repealing the carbon tax. Albertans recognize that it is little more than a cash grab. It has to go, giving every family and every community an immediate reprieve from the NDP’s growing tax burden. Moving forward, the UCP will implement policies to alleviate the NDP’s tax increases and regulatory changes that are crippling growth in the small business sector.

Bill 6:


Farming is not the same as the construction industry, and it should not be treated the same under provincial legislation. Changes are necessary to ensure that improving farm safety is handled in a positive manner.  It begins with a commitment to consult, not dictate. Bill 6 needs to be sent back to the drawing board.



Albertans spend more per capita on healthcare than any other province, but when you look at wait times and other measurable outcomes it is clear that we are not getting our money’s worth.  We need to get better value, and it starts with demanding better management. For the NDP fear-mongers out there, let me be clear: We are not going to cut frontline services. In many rural areas like ours, it means increasing staffing to ensure we have the workers to make the best possible use of our facilities, while ensuring that our people can get the treatment they need closer to home.



Folks want our education system to get back to the tried and tested teaching methods that are proven to work. This is important: High academic achievement leads to a higher skilled workforce, which in turn leads to a stronger economy. The social experimentation in education needs to end, so we can put the focus on ensuring that our children are prepared to compete and succeed on the global stage.


As a conservative, efforts to conserve and protect our abundant natural resources are important to me. After all, this is where we live. We like to be part of it, we like to enjoy it, and we want to ensure future generations can have the same experiences.  In fact, it is our love for the environment that drives us to fight for real input when government proposes new environmental legislation. Our UCP pledges to ensure families and communities have a real say in practical environmental policies.


Modern society requires affordable, reliable access to electricity. Alberta’s next government must immediately address the premature closure of mines and modern coal-powered generation.  The NDP’s decision to entirely phase out coal more than a decade ahead of schedule was rushed, and many affected communities were not consulted. Over time, we need to allow industry to develop technology that encourages reliable and competitive power from renewable sources, rather than subsidizing technology that isn’t ready. Unlike the NDP, our UCP has learned from Ontario’s mistakes.

Government services

People want quality and efficient service from government agencies. Folks in our area understand that Alberta faces a difficult fiscal situation. There are going to be tough choices ahead, so people deserve a government that will look for efficiencies, while making every effort to ensure essential services are available when needed. Most importantly, folks deserve a say in what services matter most for our families and communities.

People in our area hold our senior citizens near and dear to our hearts, and with good reason!  These folks continue to be the glue that holds our communities together, and continue to contribute to the area in so many ways.  Under the UCP, seniors will always get our support, and our respect for all that they do and continue to do for our communities. The manner in which we provide support must be reviewed to ensure that it is efficient so that services for seniors remain viable for years to come.

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