Saturday, December 15, 2018

Engineers of Victory

Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned The Tide in the Second World War

I picked up this book a few years back when I had a layover in Minneapolis on my way to an open house meeting for a project I was managing near Philadelphia.

We were building a transhipment facility to receive oil from Minot North Dakota, and to offload the oil moved by rail onto barges, to be moved up the Delaware river to several of the refineries in the area.

The book jumped off the shelf at me for several reasons, here are a few of them.

1. I was heading off into a foreign country to achieve an objective that my superiors wanted achieved.

2. I was leading a new team that would need to sort out the challenges, come up with a plan, and execute that plan as a group to achieve that objective.

3. I often draw upon history, and the analysis of the history so I can learn from others achievements, and to learn from their mistakes.

4. This history lesson was about of the greatest struggles that our country and allies have ever faced, and shaped who we are as a country today.

The book looks at the people who sorted out the details to achieve the objectives set out by their great leaders.

The summary of how the allies achieved victory written by the author is something I believe in. It brings into focus what is core to "Winning" and I rally my teams around when we take on a new project.

I can assure you, these are only some of the tools, and real world experience that will help to achieve the goal of taking our province back, and getting things rolling the right direction again.

I hope that these words help you as well, and look at the UCP in a new light, as well as what I will bring to the table if given the chance to be your elected candidate after this weekend.

You will not be getting someone who has their notes prepared for them by someone else, you won't have someone giving you the same old Rhetoric about "Fighting For You", or catch phrases from a dozen other politicians.

You will be getting someone who has actually led teams, and who has had to motivate them, engage stakeholders, and accomplish the goals within a real timeline, where safety, quality, cost mattered, while overcoming "Challenges" that were not foreseen along the way. Where being able to think on your feet, and adjust on the move matters.

It's up to you to pick the right person for the task at hand, and I hope for the sake of our Constituency, and our Province that you choose the most qualified person for the job. It is serious because all of our livelihoods, and way of life are at stake, we are going to need strong experienced people to do the right things under pressure.

All the best, Shane Clayton Getson


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Friday, December 14, 2018

Voting Starts This Weekend

Voting Starts This Weekend!

I appreciate all the support over the phone and in person, but unless you come out and put your X on the page I won't be able to support you.

Help me to Help you.! Come Vote!


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Monday, December 10, 2018

Shane Getson's Resume

   Shane Getson's Resume



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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Lac Ste. Anne - Parkland UCP Nomination Forum

Lac Ste. Anne - Parkland UCP Nomination Forum 

Onoway December 5, 2018

For those of you who missed the Onoway Forum here is the link to the Complete Video


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Thursday, December 6, 2018



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Monday, December 3, 2018



Here are the latest Questions and Answers that have been submitted to my website.


On Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 08:49, XXXXX wrote:

Hi, Shane. Thx for all the background. I do not have time for meetings. However, I am interested on your stand on

1) dealing with building a pipeline, the oil glut and activists, the economy
2) health care
3) indigenous people
4) refining oil at home
5) minimum wage - very hard on small business owners (just causes prices to go up) and other issues.

This is what I can think of at the moment.


From: shane getson <>
To: xxxxxx
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2018 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: I want to WORK for YOU - Nomination Contestant - Shane Getson - Lac St Anne Parkland

Quite a few folks have asked me similar questions that you have, seems like we all have a common theme these days and we need to address them. I'll keep my answers brief here for you, but there is more information on my web site, and on my Linked In profile.

1a Pipelines: I have been a consultant in this area for the last 10 years and have held positions with Enbridge from 2007 - 2012, TransCanada from 2012 to 2013 and have seen first hand how regulation, and an overabundance of consultation has been hijacked by the elected government bodies. These are the things that are holding up the projects. My normal position is a Cr. Manager of Planning and Execution of pipeline projects, or General Manager of construction on Major projects.

Government needs to work on the review and approval process, we now have competing government departments wanting to both regulate projects...which ends up delaying the projects even further, or killing the projects. We need to fix the process that has been set up within the approval and governing bodies, and what they require for approvals.

1b Oil Glut: It is caused by the delayed and cancelled projects, cussed by the ever changing requirements to obtain approval, see 1a. We fix that, the glut never would have happened. Short term solution, restrict the production and get alternate transportation to market, build out capacity. Long term, more capacity, and help industry for refined products north of the border, as well as ensuring that the country is energy self sufficient.

1c Activists: Depends which ones, some are sound in principle, mind, and information. I have not heard of too many these days that fall within that category, as there are too many that are protesting for the sake of being funded to protest.

1d the Economy: Change the rules back to allow ambitious people to be rewarded for hard work, cut out a ton of the regulations that slow approvals and the general way we conduct our businesses, and the economy will grow again. There are lots of groups who what to invest here, lots of hard working people who want to make things grow. Governments are the ones responsible for changing the rules, and killing our economy. 

2. Health Care: I contacted a few people I know who have worked in this area, and others who are still working in this area. The major theme on health care is efficiency. Not the front line worker, not the folks that actually do the work that we see, it;s the huge inefficient administrative machine that has been built. If it were a business, or a refinery for example we would perform a De-Bottleneck operation. health care is vital to us all, we need it, we need the basic services, and have some of the best equipment and people in the country. We spend more per person on that system than any other province in the country. The dollars are being swallowed, by the inefficient administration of the service.

3. Not sure how the leading question is being asked when it refers to Indigenous people, but I'll try and answer in the context that I think it is being asked. I have friends that are indigenous, we grew up together, went to school together, and learned from each other. I was taught to be respectful, and to treat others how i would like to be treated. In regards to industry I engaged in consultation in regards to the execution of projects through their lands, I was always the same, honest, and consistent. The golden rule applies there as well.

4. Refining Oil at Home: Yes, and Straddle plants too. Then we can be self sufficient, and sell a finished product.

The big problem with getting the refining capacity up, is that they are monsters when it comes to regulatory, the other item is that it take a long time to pay for the assets. In the USA, they have been shutting down refineries, they were set up to take light oils from the middle east. There has been a smaller insurgence in getting those refineries working again as it were, due to the product types coming out of the Bakken Fields, where much of that product was being moved by rail and truck, until the pipelines cold be built. Our heavy oils provide us with way more products at the end, but are more costly and specialized to operate, again, pulling on the rate of return sheets for the investors.

Certainty in the process, and making sensible requirements will allow us to develop more refining capacity at home.

5. Minimum wage: The changing of the labour standards have negatively impacted small business. There have been numerous studies by the Fraser institute that speak to them, and the one that stands out is that the way that the minimum wage increase was intended hit the incorrect demographic, and only cased less full time employment for the work force. I'm good for taking the recommendations by the economists.

Hope that helps, and I said I was going to be short in my answers....I'm kind of passionate about the topics however


1.  How did this 'administrative bottleneck' develop and how does the UCP plan to eliminate it? 
Did it start with the Conservatives and then get added to by the NDP? 

Please give me an honest answer - not just a political one. I watched Jason Kenney when he was Immigration Minister and he is a "get 'er done" kind of a guy. I have always noticed that the NDP as great for dreaming up policies and programs but they don't deliver on the ability to pay for things. If you stress your employers and investors too much, you will kill profits and incentive. Yes, the employee needs to be protected but find the balance.

2.  About the indigenous people---I have indigenous people in my family (by marriage) and the disconnect between their world and ours is huge. I think the money and the programs are available but the anger and bitterness and frustration is so huge, they give up. Corruption is rampant at the chief/council level. What can be done to rectify the corruption, the drug/alcohol abuse, social assistance abuse and on and on? We never seem to get at the root of the problem.


1.  Healthcare: Speaking with my father in law, who was a young doctor who was just starting out advised that the first thing that changed when medicare was introduced that it took for the most part the administration of the health systems from the medical staff. The old European Doctors at the time advised the young guys not to introduce it as it was, as they tried in Europe, and it was failing them. From what I understand talking to the people I know who worked in that area, it is again an administrative thing, and not unique to Alberta.

One of the doctors that I spoke with was surprised when he asked me what I would do and told him the de-bottle necking approach. he said that "At no time did you mention cost cutting measures" I advised him I would look at it like a project. If you look at the process, the the cost and schedule benefits come for free by the efficiency gains.

2.  Indigenous People: I do not have the proverbial silver bullet on the second item, but would sure like to help be part of the group that starts bringing together the good examples and systems. I met a gentleman by the name of Derrick Bruno a few years back that introduced a great model with a first nations group in southern Alberta. The other folks in Osyoos have another good model to follow.



What is your position on rural crime and the rights of the owner in protecting family and property? What would your grandfather do? 

ON  About Me   BY  Unknown  on 30/11/18


Rural Crime, and what would I do.

1.  I grew up on the farm, and the worst thing we used to have to deal with was people stealing gas from the fuel tanks once in a while. Everyone kind of knew who it may be. A few of the neighbours got together and had a “Frank Discussion” with them an the fuel thefts stopped. I don’t think it was too different in my Grandfathers day, as most were veterans. A different code of conduct applied, and the laws were more in favour of protecting the individuals being stolen from than the thieves.

2.  In regards to what would I do to protect my family, and property, everything within my power to keep them safe, and ensure that the people who may intend on doing harm understood without question that they were not dealing with a sheep, but the Sheep Dog. Not so different I would imagine from what my grandfathers would have done.

3.  In regards to the property, lock up and store what I can in a reasonable manner, and protect what I have again within reason. We have to come to the understanding that first responders are usually 30 min away from us, it is your choice on how you would manage that time, and what you would be willing to risk loosing, or what you would do to protect your family from the wolves.

4.  The problem that we face is that some of us in our area are closer the urban centres, and we get that transient traffic coming out to prey on us. The other is currently that there are a bunch of folks out of work, and some that may not have resorted to this before are doing things that are traditionally out of character. Drug abuse is another of the underlying issues that fuel the problem. There are some other social issues that will need to be addressed to “discourage” crime as an option.


I would like to know what you propose for the water at Lac St Anne that is gone from a lake you can fish ( and eat the fish) and actually go into the water without fear of toxic results. Every polition passes the buck after election advising well, not my issue, call someone in environment department. The quality of the water should be a priority before it becomes a swamp.



The Lake

I think it is a great resource, and I agree should be the thing we take care of for future generations. I won’t make promises that I can’t keep, and at this point wouldn’t know who specifically to take to task on it, or which specific person in that department. I can promise you, I would not pass the buck to you to try and deal with the environment group on your own, that would be my job the way I see it. Hold me to it, and I’ll come up with a way to get the right attention on the issue.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Real Prime Minister - Stephen Harper


Saturday night and all is well.  This is the highlight of the whole process of being engaged and involved.

I had the opportunity to thank the man that stood for Canada as a Real Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  I got a chance to say thank you for setting the stage for me to allow me to succeed in my career.  The opportunity to earn a great income and to gain some extremely valuable experience.  I let him know in our brief conversation that by his actions in his time as our Prime Minister and by everything that he continues to do for all of Canada, that he is one of the reasons why I have been inspired to jump in and get involved in the first place.  

It was extremely satisfying to hear him speak frankly, on topics that that are close to our hearts.  Topics that my family and I discuss at our kitchen table.  Topics that likely you and your family have in your home.  Topics that you have with your co-workers. The things that affect all of us as Albertans and indeed as Canadians were the things that he talked about. Loss of jobs, taxes in many forms, sustainability for our Province in these tough economic times we are in.

I can tell you that I am more fired up after his reflections on how great our Province and our Canada really are.  I believe it is the right thing for me, for my family and for all of you that we do this.  We put the ball back in our court.  We volley the serve, create our own destiny as a Province.  I have chosen to represent my family, my friends, my neighbors and all of you, the people who cast their ballots.  Once again I will say unapologetically, 

“It is time to take our Province Back!”

Please join me at the Calahoo Hall on November 28th  6 – 8 PM or Mayerthorpe Friday November 30th at 7 Pm at the Peter Trenchy Center.  Hope to see you there.


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Monday, November 26, 2018



Please remember to attend a MEET and GREET in your area. Visit the MEET and GREET link at the top of this page for details and Upcoming Events.

These are some of the concerns that I have received.



It’s time for the Alberta government and petroleum producers to get tough regarding opposition to Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. Restrictions on BC wine imports was a joke; what’s really needed is an embargo on all BC products. Start by closing valves on the Alliance Pipeline that originates in BC, crosses Alberta and terminates in Chicago. Block shipment of any BC products from entering or crossing Alberta and finally, shut-in ALL pipelines carrying petroleum products into BC.

The well-being of humanity globally depends on oil and gas and will for generations to come, as there are currently no viable alternatives and, without petroleum we’d quickly see mass starvation worldwide!

Truth be known, pipelines are the safest and most cost-effective means to move large volumes of liquids and gaseous products and have been used in Canada since 1852.

As for Premier Horgan and all other hypocrites opposing pipelines, one last measure, i.e. you should all be banned from accessing any products created, grown or transported by petroleum fuelled machines or equipment. So: no houses; no vehicles; no use of any commercial transportation and no groceries or clothing from store shelves. The result is you’d likely all be standing outside naked, starving and freezing to death!

Without petroleum we’d have NO agriculture, forestry, fruit, fish, wine, manufacturing, shipping or any other industries! There’d be no schools or health care systems, our economy would be decimated and we’d become nothing more than a destitute third world nation!

My thoughts on this comment are as follows:

As a country, we are often our own worst enemy. We have unfortunately been caught up into a “Cause” which quite often precludes and dismisses reality. As the author of this piece has stated, we are all dependant on a resource that is at our disposal. One that makes our lives what they are today. The resource I am speaking of is Energy. We should be proud to provide it to our own country and to countries abroad. We are ethical in how we produce this energy and at the same time we deliver a environmentally responsible energy.

The world wants and needs our energy. By building and using new pipelines, we would offset the current suppliers in the world that do not have the same ethical standards that we hold.

If you look at the big suppliers in the world, (other than Canada and the USA), there is a stark contrast to human rights and freedoms in how the people are treated and what their freedoms and rights look like.

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela to name but a few that do not take into consideration the human factors nor the environmental ones. If the options of the new pipelines are opened to Alberta and Canadian energy, we have the opportunity to ensure that we are good stewards for both fair and ethical treatment of people and of the environment.



I was asked recently about the education system, the new curriculum, and the use of more devices and on line learning.

From what I have seen first hand with my 4 kids, and what I have seen in regards to articles on the “new curriculum” I have several concerns.

1. The untried, methods that were rolled out using more on line learning, and “discovery” type models are a detriment to the children’s basic learning

2. The “traditional Methods” work, and have been proven to work time and time again not only in our county, but around the world

3. Education should not be dependant on connection speed. Unplug, and learn. When cell phone coverage fails, the power is out, or you are away from the city and all its services, you should be able to read, write, problem solve, and still have the ability to perform mathematics.

As a father of 4 children who are in grades 4 to 9 I’ve personally seen a few changes in the curriculum over the last 3 years in how and what is being taught in the classes

There is a yard stick, as my children are spaced roughly 2 years apart.  When my eldest speaks to the second oldest as an example, about the differences between communism, socialism, and capitalism, the younger is lost. Are we not teaching the differences in our curriculum?

I did get a chance to speak to an educator recently, and this person told me about their frustrations of how the teaching community is being mandated how to teach, and what must be taught, and the separation of the parents and the children on certain subjects.

I received a crash course on Bill 10 and how it is affecting the public school system and the hard working teachers.

I’ll be doing my homework on this topic and a few more in the educational area.  Please give me your feedback and concerns that you may have with the current state of our education system. I need your help so I’ll know what you want addressed.

Together we can make the necessary changes to Education and "Take our Province Back" this coming spring.


Although this is a federal issue, it resonates with the people in Lac Ste Anne Parkland.

With Bill 71 currently in play it has a number of law abiding firearms owners concerned.

A friend of mine was recently asked, “What is his position on Firearms ownership and freedoms of firearms owners”.

As a member of the Canadian Historical Arms Society, the Onoway Fish and Game Association, and the Vernon Gun Club, I’d believe I’d fall into the responsible ownership advocacy category.

I grew up on a farm, the firearms were tools, and also used for recreation.

As a “hobby farm / acreage owner” in Alberta, not much has changed. Guns are used as a tool for pest control, hunting, and for recreational target shooting with my son and I.

I have been trained by former Canadian Arms forced members in the use of pistols, carbines, and long range platforms.

I own several rifles and pistols, and use them Responsibly and enjoy the freedoms that we have as law abiding Canadian citizens. I do not want to see any of that changed in the future.

I will be speaking at the Canadian Historical Arms Society on May 05, 7 pm at the Alberta Actuation Museum.


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Friday, November 23, 2018

The Fallout from Trudeau's Visit Continues

Malcolm Mayes/Edmonton Journal



We Albertans are usually a quiet bunch for the most part, not whiners, not ones to cry wolf. However, when we are not being taken seriously, not being heard, we will pull together and make others hear what we have to say, and take action.

That is exactly what happened yesterday. The PM, and the Premier are not taking responsibility for their in actions over the last three years. They have caused this crisis, they are the architects, and did not listen when the rest of us were advising otherwise.

Our PM still does not care, because again, we are only small in number, he has yet to realize that we are the engine that drives the rest of the country, putting way more into the economy than any other province per capita.

Rail cars, and another 2 years to build one pipeline are already 4 years to late.

Many thanks to the folks in Calgary for making that message loud and clear yesterday.

Shane Getson

Protesters greet Justin Trudeau at Chamber event in Calgary

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Alberta is in a crisis as the province’s oil is being sold at a discount of about $45 a barrel.

Speaking in Calgary as pro-oil protesters shut down part of the city’s downtown, Trudeau says he understands people in Alberta are having a tough time.
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the oil price gap is costing the Canadian economy $80 million a day.

The province’s oil is selling much lower than West Texas Intermediate in the United States due to a lack of pipeline capacity to move a growing glut of it to markets.
Trudeau says the federal government is doing what it can to get the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion built, which would triple its capacity to carry oil to tankers on the west coast.

View the Complete Article @ CANADIAN PRESS Updated: November 22, 2018

Angry Albertans chide Trudeau for ignoring struggling oil industry

The day after his government boasted about the health of the national economy in its fiscal economic statement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau headed to Calgary where he encountered angry Albertans who feel neglected by Ottawa. As David Akin reports, while Trudeau admits it’s a crisis, questions remain about what he’ll do about it.

View the Complete Article @ GLOBAL NATIONAL November 22 2018 5:30pm  03:33


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Thursday, November 22, 2018


Workers tend to a well head during a fracking operation at an Encana Oil & Gas gas well in Colorado.Brennan Linsley / The Canadian Press

Mr. Morgan's words are well written, concise, and clear. The environment of politics and policies needs to change, as it did before to allow for companies to stay and build wealth here for us in Canada.

Let's make that change this spring together

An giant energy company, with headquarters here and invulnerable to takeover, had become a reality. No more; now, they call it 'headquarterless' ...... VIEW THE COMPLETE ARTICLE


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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


What about Alberta?

BNN Bloomberg

The MTV comment puts it into perspective, folks do not appreciate outside of those major centres for the most part how much Alberta contributes to the overall economy.

Our PM, and current Premier will slow dance us into the grave before they make any positive changes.

If we want to get the attention of the Federal Government, reset the clock, stop the transfer payments.

Want investors to spend money? So do they! We are hampered by too many regulations and competing government bodies. Streamline and de-bottle neck the system so industry knows what the rules are, the time lines, and that they are consistent and predictable.

Words only go so far, time to walk the walk.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Lets Take OUR Province Back

These are the people whom I align myself with, and whom I want to represent.


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Friday, November 16, 2018

Last Stop, Alberta, on the apology tour.


I am glad that we can find our sense of humour, Albertans are a gritty bunch, and we will not have to endure the pain too much longer if we all pull together.


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Thursday, November 15, 2018


Lets Take OUR Province Back

These are the people whom I align myself with, and whom I want to represent.


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Sunday, November 11, 2018

“Lets Take OUR Province Back”

The Inconvenient Truth

Hopefully you noticed that my website and my Linkedin page haven’t been updated for a few days. I am currently working for a client as a Project Manager. This is a major initiative to build a Carbon Trunk Line. One that will take carbon from industrial facilities, and move the bi-product to older oil fields which will then be injected downhole for enhanced oil recovery. This project has the potential of increasing outputs of the fields by 30%.

The ability to be part of a project in our great Province, working with a team through all the

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lest We Forget - Please Join Me at the Onoway high school today at 10:45 am, and the legion to follow


I am not am not a veteran. I have never had to hold a firearm, and fire it in anger, or self defence at another person. I have never had to say good bye to friends and family, not knowing if I would have the chance to see them again. I have never had to endure hardships, or imaginable conditions with comrades in arms in a foreign land. I have never had to deal with a huge loss or suffering that those in our military, or support services deal with on a daily basis. I have never had to put my life on the line to protect our countries ideals, values, or defend our allies from their enemies.

For that luxury, freedom, and safety that my family and I can enjoy, I am eternally grateful to those brave and honourable souls that have put themselves in harms way, and to those families that have given their sons and daughters to serve our country. My family and I will take our moment of silence, we will wear our poppies, but more importantly, we remind each other every time we see a soldier, or an aircraft overhead, that we are truly fortunate, and grateful.

Please join me at the Onoway high school today at 10:45 am, and the legion to follow.


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Sunday, November 4, 2018

UCP Lac Ste. Anne - Parkland (LSAP)

This is my new United Conservative Party (UCP) Nomination Contestant Website.

Hi I'm Shane Getson. 

Currently I have registered with Elections Alberta as a UCP nomination contestant for the constituency of Lac Ste. Anne - Parkland. (LSAP).     

I am looking to represent the constituents in the UCP nomination contest for the Lac St Anne - Parkland.

I will take all I have learned in industry, specifically Major Projects, my longstanding community and constituency involvement and apply that to being the best representative for LSAP and the constituents.

We need to take our province back. We have get things going the right direction’s been too tough for too long for too many people.

Please feel free to contact me and ask questions as I want to assure you that I do want to represent you, so your questions are my questions. 

I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge and if I do not know, I will do my best to find for you the answer.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

About Me

Shane Getson
Resident of Parkland County for over 10 year, Husband of 16 years, Father of Four, Owner of Major Projects Consulting Company, Civil Engineering Technologist, Private Pilot, Raised on a Mixed farming operation (Cattle, Custom Pasturing, Logging / Sawmill) west of Chip Lake, went to Niton Central High School, K-12.

My grandfather came “Out West” from Prince Edward Island in about 1918 to the Chip Lake area, and was involved in the UFA, Co-operators insurance, Black Angus Cattle, and was know by his friends and neighbours as the guy you went to when you needed help getting things done.

My grandmother was from Pincher Creek, daughter of an officer of the British military whom was also an Electrical Engineer for the town of Pincher Creek. She and my grandfather met at a social event, it was at the time of the second world war. They raised their family, on the farm and were a part of the community all of their lives. Grandma was heavily involved in the legion, and various women’s leagues.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Wrong Side of the looking Glass

Wrong Side of the looking Glass

Through the looking glass, the concept of seeing your reality from an alternate perspective.

By Shane Getson

As a kid, the adventure of Alice was neat.  The play on words, the alternate meanings, and strange characters that she met as she went on her journey and the adventure to make it home.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Q. Why do you think you can make a difference in politics?

I was asked this very valid question recently, and my answer was that “I was not a politician, I am a
projects guy, and we are wired different.  Projects people are the only group that knowingly and willingly start their first day of work so that they can work themselves out of a job.”